British Men Romp Nude in Beautiful Homoerotic Glory

Photo: Warwick Rowers

The University of Warwick Rowing Team is back with some early photos from the 2015 edition of its annual naked charity calendar and, oh my goodness, it is just the most glorious display of bro-on-bro homoeroticism this world has ever seen.

These seven college rowers have come up with more naked activities than you or I could ever dream of. They hose each other down with firehoses, roughhouse in a delightful water fight, and graffiti each other with neon body paint. They stand in fields while showing off their butts as if they are frolicking their way into the bacchanalian fantasy I will have tonight.

A round of applause for these brave boys giving each other naked piggy-back rides and showing off their enormous … crew boats, all in the name of charity. They’re giving generously to Sport Allies, an organization that fights homophobia in sports, but also to the people who want to ogle nice, sculpted butts on a Thursday evening.

British Men Romp Nude in Beautiful Naked Glory