i trust this celebrity to sell this item

Expert Lingerie-Wearer Britney Spears Will Sell You Underwear Now

Photo: britneyspears/Instagram.com

From the moment Britney Spears sauntered into pop stardom with “Baby One More Time,” she had a bra peeking out from an incorrectly fastened shirt. Since, she has covered the world’s premiere music magazine in her underwear five times (silky retro matching set, lacy lingerie, small bottoms, plain normal underwear that humans actually wear, strange camo getup).

All this led up to this moment, in which she has decided to now sell underwear. Her line is called the Intimate Collection by Britney Spears. Would you prefer that to be a set of poems? Wouldn’t we all …

Britney Spears Will Sell You Underwear Now