identifying that post-coital sparkle

Can You Tell If These Men Just Had Sex? A GIF Quiz

Photo: Ben Glass/Warner Brothers

How well can you recognize the expression of a post-coital dude? Can you spot that sparkle a mile away or do you need a close-up? Well, practiced connoisseur of bro smirks and gentlemanly grins, here is a test for you.

We offer the following guide to facial expressions in the form of a quiz, with handy GIFs as illustrations. This way, you can study the loop of possibly post-coital faces for as long as you need to before reaching your conclusion.

Without further ado: Did this man just have sex?

Indeed. This man did just have sex, and he is damn pleased with his performance.

Nope, just doing dishes all sexylike. Gotta keep those chores interesting.

Yes, and it was great. What gave him away? Oh, just everything?

Actually, it’s just steamy thoughts from this fellow. He’s off to take a cold shower.

Oh, he certainly did. His heart is singing with the memory of it.

Yes and no. He is currently staring at God’s vagina, which is a sexual experience of sorts.

Yes, he did, for the first time. It was as great as everyone said it would be!

They did not. But they’re composing a dance in honor of the occasion, whenever it might happen. Fingers crossed.

We couldn’t get a straight answer from this fellow.

Everything but. He’s still really happy with the experience, though.

What else could justify such phallic-object wagging?

Mission accomplished!

And this test is accomplished as well. How did you do? A perfect score! You’re so perceptive to the shimmers of that post-coital sparkle. What a good skill to have.

Did These Men Just Have Sex? A GIF Quiz