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Diet-Friendly Cocktails Might Get You Drunker

Photo: Shutterstock

A new study from Northern Kentucky University suggests that cocktails with diet mixers (Diet Coke, anyone?) actually increase the effects of alcohol on your system.

Researchers served cocktails to participants — some with diet soda, others with regular — and gave everyone a breathalyzer after they drank. They found that the BrAC (Breath Alcohol concentration) of diet soda drinkers was 18 percent higher than those sipping regular Coke and rum. The study suggests that the body recognizes regular soda as food and breaks it down more slowly, while artificial sweeteners are absorbed into the body much more quickly.

We won’t say “two birds, one stone,” because that seems irresponsible, but this isn’t the worst news for a Friday afternoon. 

Diet-Friendly Cocktails Might Get You Drunker