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Elizabeth Banks Is Honest About Her Babeliness

Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images

Elizabeth Banks, refreshing gust of wind, is honest about being naturally hot. In response to a question about how she can be pretty and funny, Banks replies:

Your funny gets developed pretty early on. I didn’t quite believe I was pretty for a long time. I never thought about it. I’m very genetically blessed, I cannot deny it, but I work hard at keeping myself together. Yes, I have nice cheekbones and skinny legs but I can’t take any credit for it.

Usually these answers end with the questioned beauty complaining about an insignificant nonproblem flaw to endear them to the normals: sucky nail-beds, sloped foreheads, thighs. Nope! No obnoxious false modesty here; just good genes and good candor.

Elizabeth Banks Is Honest About Her Babeliness