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Here, Have a Seat on This Fleshy Skin Chair

Photo: Virginia Barker/Studio9191

Every so often, I put lotion on my legs or hold someone’s recently moisturized hand and think, Man, I just wish I had a whole ottoman made out of this human skin. You too? Totally.

Artist Gigi Barker took that same weird fascination with the dermis and created an entire furniture collection that looks, feels, and — thanks to a mixture of silicon, human pheromones, and aftershave — actually smells like human flesh. Her installation, currently on view at Studio 9191 in London, includes a chair meant to mimic a squishy roll of fat and footstools that resemble deformed testes.

Finally! A furniture set that perfectly matches that “soft skin of a captive human” lampshade you scored from the Buffalo Bill home collection.

Here, Have a Seat on This Fleshy Skin Chair