Karlie Kloss Got Paid to Work Out

Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Does that Karlie Kloss ever stop moving? Only yesterday she was spinning around inside a geo-dome for Donna Karan; today, she’s starring in Nike’s fall/winter concept shoot, looking like the girl in your exercise class who always has perfect form. The ModelFit enthusiast chatted with the Cut about the “athleisure” trend and how studying ballet helped her become a better model.

What was your experience on the photo shoot like?
It was the best workday! I got to work with one of the best Nike master trainers in the business, Traci Copeland, and had a great time on set with the team. Instead of hitting the gym in the morning and then heading to work, I spent the day working out and moving. It was the best day at the office I could have hoped for.

What do you think about this new movement where activewear is being elevated to luxury status? We’re seeing sneakers on the couture runway, and Net-a-Porter just launched a special site for activewear.
I am constantly running around New York City and on the go. I don’t always have time to change after a workout, so I think it’s great to have workoutwear that is functional but also chic. 

Photo: Vanina Sorrenti

How do you mix activewear with ready-to-wear pieces in your daily life?
Nikes are not only some of the most functional athletic footwear in the world, but they’re incredibly chic. Nike does a really great job marrying fashion with fitness and innovation. Their fashion collaborations have really elevated the everyday sneaker. I’m a huge fan of the collaboration Nike did with Riccardo Tisci, Nike + R.T.

What’s your favorite workout?
My favorite workout is a classical ballet class. It’s one of the most challenging workouts that my body has been through. It was such a formative part of my life growing up. I find lessons from my ballet training in every movement, pose, or walk I do for shoots and on the runway.

Do you ever work out with friends?
It’s fun going to classes and hitting the gym with friends, but I cherish my workout routine as much-needed personal time to regroup and focus on me.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Karlie Kloss Got Paid to Work Out