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Let Choupette Lagerfeld Show You How a Real Cat Eye Is Done

Photo: Choupettes Diary/Instagram

No stranger to fashion modeling (or sleeping under pillows, instead of on them), Choupette Lagerfeld is adding beauty modeling to her portfolio. WWD reports that Shu Uemura’s holiday collection, called Shupette, will be fronted by Karl Lagerfeld’s white Siamese cat. They are calling it the “first tie-up between a beauty name and a house pet” (but probably not the last, considering Grumpy Cat’s world-domination plan). No details about the actual contents of the collection have been released, but there’s a possibility that it will include furry eyelashes and an obvious opportunity for Choupette to shame us with her actual cat eyes. But now that the Fine Felon has a burgeoning modeling career, wouldn’t it make sense for him to partner up with a fine feline on a future runway? Just putting that out there in the universe. 

Let Choupette Lagerfeld Show You a Real Cat Eye