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Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Is Coming Out Next Month

Photo: Michel Dufour/Getty Images

The long-awaited Christian Louboutin beauty collection has arrived. Come August, the brand will release its nail-polish collection of over 30 shades, reports WWD. The hero shade of the line is, of course, Rouge Louboutin. This shade of red is directly inspired by the brand’s origin story (the brand’s first red sole was painted red with nail polish) and will go on sale today, ahead of the remainder of the collection, exclusively at Saks. “I am someone who likes objects,” the designer told WWD. Fifty dollars gets you one glossy Louboutin polish “object,” encased in a bottom-weighted, pointy, calligraphy-inspired bottle with 16 facets. It also makes it one of the most expensive mainstream nail polishes (for comparison, a Tom Ford polish retails for $32). This will be the first of several product categories for the brand, with sources reporting that red lipstick could be next. Here’s to getting really matchy-matchy.

Louboutin Nail Polish Is Coming Out Next Month