Michelle Rodriguez Is the 2014 Champion of Summer
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Michelle Rodriguez’s Best Summer Ever

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Michelle Rodriguez Engaged in Roundabout Diplomacy

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

You invented a game about spotting farm animals on a road trip.

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Michelle Rodriguez Kissed a Noted Heartthrob on a Boat

Photo: AKM Images/GSI Media

A second date went pretty well for you.

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Michelle Rodriguez Took Flight

Photo: Splash News

You remembered that you had to renew your driver’s license.

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Michelle Rodriguez Stood With Famous People on a Yacht in Ibiza

Photo: Splash News

Your summer-house share had minimal drama.

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Michelle Rodriguez Stood Symmetrically With Fashionable People

Photo: harry_brant/Instagram.com

You found the sunglasses you thought you lost.

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Michelle Rodriguez Acquired a Lovely Fray of Bangs

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You accepted that humidity would somehow make your hair limp and frizzy simultaneously.

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Michelle Rodriguez Captained a Seafaring Vehicle Across Chill Waters

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You enjoyed a ferry ride.

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Michelle Rodriguez Gazed With Unprecedented Calm

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You had an enjoyable nap, with minimal drool-spotting on the couch.

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Michelle Rodriguez Went to Great Lengths to Be Patriotic

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You had one too many beers and two too many hot dogs, right?

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Michelle Rodriguez Dove Into a Chocolate Cake With Masterly Abandon

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You wondered whether a cupcake had been in the sun too long to eat …

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Michelle Rodriguez Enjoyed a Song So Thoroughly

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You engaged in a halfhearted debate about whether the concept of the "song of summer" was a sham.

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Michelle Rodriguez Drove a Car Past a Line of Screaming Admirers

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

Your parents' dog was very happy to see you.

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Michelle Rodriguez Shot a Bow Under a Stormy Sky

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You got home before it really started pouring and breathed a satisfying sigh.

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Michelle Rodriguez Showered a Tiny Reptile with Affection

Photo: mrodofficial/Instagram.com

You ignored a decent-size moth for the sake of peace in the home.


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