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Confirmed: Peaches Look Like Butts

Photo: Freeweibo.com

Yes! This is the best thing to happen all week. Kotaku has uncovered the trend that’s popping up in China’s produce stands: boxes of peaches wearing panties. What took so long, people?

The whole idea started with one brilliant fruit vendor in Nanjing, China. Like the rest of us, he looked at peaches and saw sexy, little, round butts. But this vendor went further. He decided to dress peaches in adorable little panties, call them “Ripe Fruit,” and sell them in satin-draped boxes for $80. He has changed the course of history.

Is it weird to imagine a grown man slipping mini undies on juicy peaches? Not at all! Peaches look like pert little butts, butts look like delicious ripe peaches, and the peach emoji only translates to one thing. It was only a matter of time before this wonderful, weird parallel became a reality in the produce aisle.

Confirmed: Peaches Look Like Butts