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Terrifying GIFs of Blake Lively’s Lifestyle Website

Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images

When human ray of golden sunshine Blake Lively announced her lifestyle website, one assumed it would burst with milky reviews of cookies and perhaps a trip to Ojai. It would be all sweetness and light, all honey, no vinegar. A website that would be influenced, say, by the Ethan Allen furniture company, not Edgar Allan Poe.

These assumptions dramatically underestimated the vision of Ms. Blake Ellender Lively. Her website, the aptly named Preserve, does not offer the soft shabby-chic glow of its counterparts. Blake’s dream is a nightmare — blackened, shadowy, spooky, creeping, morbid. And the eerie introductory film captures all of this foreboding tension in just two unsettling minutes.

Visually explained through GIFs, this is the introduction not of a lifestyle website but of a deathstyle website.

Lively acquaints you with Preserve through this shot of a hand slowly and ominously gliding. With this, we are visually cursed. 

In a land of the backlit, a small orphan is Sisyphus.

This is an abandoned country, where humans and red hell-demons alike must tempt death, always tantalizingly close at hand.

And whenever such an end is met, the remaining un-departed will just casually talk to gravestones.

For life is just a light, snuffed. Leaving only darkness and the remembrance of vision.

And there are those who will run from truths such as these, clinging to the tattered symbols of old order, flinging old-man slippers as they flee.

And there are those who ineffectually scream and heave their vindictive protest into the sky. But the world doesn’t hear them.

Hey! Here’s a lil’ one-eyed hound!

You’ve now been Preserved.

Terrifying GIFs From Blake Lively’s New Website