This Wearable-Tech Bracelet Electrocutes You If You Skip the Gym


Do you need a shock to your system to get you out of your basic no-pants, underachieving routine? Enter Pavlok, a new sadomasochistic bracelet that provides a very literal jolt to help you accomplish your goals. This goal-setting and tracking device looks like a cast-off from a Captain Planet accessory collection. But it also provides real consequences when you slack off. It will post embarrassing messages about your failure(s) to your Facebook wall for your co-workers and your high-school biology lab partner to “like.” It will give money away. Or, it will simply shock you using “real voltage,” a video helpfully confirms.

This concept is brought to you from founder Maneesh Sethi, no stranger to the benefits of negative encouragement, who once hired a woman to slap him in the face every time he opened Facebook. “It helps you become the best possible version of yourself,” the video states (plus or minus a few brain cells, depending upon how often you fail at your goals). The device ships in 2015. Now you know the appropriate sadomasochistic accessory to wear to the 50 Shades of Grey midnight showing.

This Bracelet Shocks You If You Skip the Gym