Watch 6 People Try to Define ‘Cool’


How do you answer the question: what’s cool? Is it even cool to ask that question or is it like, “if you have to ask, then you are definitely not cool.” (Wait, that sounded pretty cool.) Olivier van Themsche, founder of an online retailer named Cools,  asked six New Yorkers to define the elusive, mysterious concept of being cool. And a whole lot of umms, and uhhs, and suggestions of “bulldogs” being really freaking cool revealed that nobody knows the answer — even if they have hip hats, use vintage typewriters, or are confident, punky tweens.

Maybe Cools member Julia Restoin Roitfeld can clarify? “It’s a heartwarming video about the spirit of humankind that speaks to a social revolution occurring in the world over the past ten years in particular,” she explains. “Mindfulness speaking to the realization that people make the world go around. Encouraging people to investigate and embrace who they are.”

Nope. Still confused. But watch these pretty hip-looking people struggle to define that certain je ne sais quoi.


Watch 6 People Try to Define ‘Cool’