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Weed Weddings Are Probably the Best Idea Ever

Photo: photos: Tom Merton/Getty Images, Shutterstock

The pro-marijuana climate has reached the wedding industry. Weed weddings — or “weedings,” as they should be called — have emerged as a hot new trend in Colorado. As described in the New York Times (which came out in favor of legalization this weekend), the weeding aesthetic is Martha Stewart Weddings meets High Times. Think: charming, rustic marijuana-leaf boutonnieres and artisanal edibles like pot-laced cupcakes or brownies (though not wedding cake itself, as one killjoy baker tells the Times, because it would ruin the flavor profile). Some generous brides even go so far as to provide free joints, vaporizers, hookahs, and full-on pot-dens for their guests to enjoy.

But why stop there? we wonder. Brides-to-be could commission their own customized strains, stage weed-themed rehearsal dinners, arrange for flower girls to toss sticky buds during the wedding processional instead of flower petals. Endless possibilities.

Weedings: the next craft frontier — Martha Stewart might even approve.

Weed Weddings Are Probably the Best Idea Ever