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Who’s Ready for a Sour-Milk Clothing Line?

Photo: Paul Viant/Getty Images

There’s a new reason why leggings are becoming more and more expensive: The materials they’re made out of are getting fancy. Today, the New York Times reports on the new wave of high-tech workout gear, including Kevlar leggings (encase your buns of steel in material that blocks bullets and butt-sweat) and, strangely, German sour-milk clothing made out of a thread called Qsilk, which is resistant to bacteria and fire. Founder Anke Domaske tries to explain how they work:

“You dry it to a protein powder that looks sort of like flour. Then imagine a machine that looks like a big noodle machine. Add the flour, add some water again, then you have the dough, which then gets forced through holes that are thinner than a strand of a hair.”

And it’s edible.

“I’ve been eating it with strawberries,” she said.

That’s right, give people what they need: clothing they can eat with a natural sugar.

Who’s Ready for a Sour-Milk Clothing Line?