Zac Posen Thinks Banning Trends Means ‘Neutering Culture’

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Zac Posen became the latest fashion designer to do a Reddit AMA yesterday, and he acquitted himself well. When asked what trend he would ban, the self-described “all-around fashiontainment reporter” dodged the questions, saying, “Banning any trend is like … neutering culture.” Posen also weighed in on his roaring 20s and his choice of a last meal.

On his process: “My process starts from emotional interpretive draping. It’s my dance with the human body.”

On his wild and crazy youth:

“Through my twenties, I fully engrossed myself in the glamour lifestyle, traveled the world, ate in some of the best restaurants, and had quite the fabulous life experiences — from being mentored and partners in my early twenties with Puff Daddy (who I’ve always call “Sean”) to dining with royalty to living the American West — planes, trains and automobiles.”

On what his last meal would be, had he been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit:

“Oh my goodness. I probably would like to take my sentence into my own hands, some deadly nightshade would do the trick (and be appropriately dramatic, followed by some nordic salty licorice to wash it down). Well, something green, so I would biodegrade faster. Or be a quicker cremation patient. But maybe I’m sounding a little morbid. Probably an immaculate Japanese multi-course meal.”

Zac Posen: Banning Trends Is ‘Neutering Culture’