5 Organic Mascaras That Are Surprisingly Effective


I have about 0 percent desire to live like Shailene Woodley. I like my moisturizers full of peptides and proprietary anti-aging complexes. Clay is for ceramics and boob potters, not teeth. But a desire for non-clumpy, non-smudgy mascara compelled me to try out five organic mascaras to see if they could perform as well as their more chemical counterparts.

While all of the mascaras I tried were impressive for their ability to create non-crunchy lashes and wash out easily without the aid of makeup remover, some fared better than others in volumizing, lengthening, and actually staying on my eyelashes. One even smelled, impressively, like a cupcake. Click through for my reviews.

5 Surprisingly Effective Organic Mascaras