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7 Men Who Will Renew Your Faith in Tan Suits

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Poor Obama. Today, during a White House briefing, the POTUS tried to mix up a summer of somber suits with a jaunty tan number. It backfired, and instead Twitter erupted in laughter over his “sad beige suit.” Give a guy a break! Dad was just trying to honor the final weekend of the summer months with some warm-weather-appropriate khaki.

Are you wondering, Can a man even wear a tan suit and look sexy? The answer is yes. Here, for you, Obama, are seven men demonstrating the right to rock a summer suit. Next time, you can look resplendent in tan instead of normcore in taupe:

Brad Pitt in the “Wealthy Italian Gigolo” tan suit.

Photo: Dave Hogan/2009 Getty Images

Robert Redford in the “Harried, Gruff, and Handsome” tan suit.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Ryan Gosling in the “I’m Just Too Pretty to Sleep With” tan suit.

Photo: Jason Merritt/2011 Getty Images

Prince Charles in the “I Was Born to Wear Tan Suits” tan suit.

Photo: Tim Graham/Getty Images

David Bowie in the “Best Ever” tan suit.

Photo: Fotos International/2003 Getty Images

John Legend in the “Smooth Like Creamy Peanut Butter” tan suit.

Photo: Rommel Demano/2013 Rommel Demano

Jake Gyllenhaal in the “I Can Wear This to Every Summer Wedding in Hudson Valley” tan suit.

Photo: GQ
7 Men Who Will Renew Your Faith in Tan Suits