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7 Etiquette Tips for Your Next Egg-Freezing Party

Photo: Hero Images/Corbis

In their coverage of the “first ever egg freezing party,” the Post hips us all to an important emerging party theme. What happens at an egg-freezing party? you may wonder. Well, last night, 70 thirtysomething “career gals” gathered at the very fashionable NoMad to network and sip Champagne “while learning how to scientifically put off motherhood until they decide that they’re fully ready.” The event was called “Let’s Chill” and sounds just like Sex and the City, except with an emphasis on obstetrics! I’ve got some serious FOMO over here.

Ladies, start those Pinterest boards — this is absolutely about to be a trend. And you don’t want to be left in the lurch when it’s your turn to fête those rapidly withering eggs. Here, then: a few dos and don’ts to ensure you’re not left holding a plate of warm deviled eggs at your future egg-freezing party.

1. Don’t Serve Deviled Eggs: Nobody wants to associate their eggs (and future progeny) with Satan. Instead, consider fresh, sustainable Petrossian caviar — and let your guests enjoy eggs just as precious and expensive as the ones in their baby-maker. For dessert, DIY turkey-baster cake pops are always a crowd favorite.

2. Don’t Call Yourself or Your Guests “Career Gals”: or “gal on the go,” “gal about town,” or “fashionista.” Because, really, who self-identifies that way? Instead, choose an inclusive yet clever name for your egg-freezing crew, like the Delayed, the Ready to Waits, or maybe the Icicles. Even better if the title can also double as a boy-band name.

3. Do Make Sure to Invite Men So They Too Learn About This Choice: There are many reasons for “scientifically delaying motherhood,” and not all men lack the intellectual capacity to learn about the egg-freezing process. Invite some men! And charge them exactly one half of all the medical costs.

4.  Do Create a Custom Party Hashtag: You’ll want to be able to share these fun moments on Instagram and Facebook. If weddings, pregnancies, and baby showers get their own hashtags, the egg-freezing event should, too. Some suggestions: #ChillChicks, #IceIceBabies, #IceColdBetch, #MsFreeze

5. Do Build a Ticking-Clock Piñata: Beat that clock. Beat it senseless.

6.  Do Choose a Fun Mascot: This seems like the kind of celebration that could use a mascot — something informative and inoffensive, like Gerta Your Friendly Gyno! But avoid the following: Timmy the Test Tube, Blocky (an egg in a block of ice), or Frosty the Snow Egg. Seriously.

7. Do Make a Pinterest Board of Egg Recipes and Possible Decorations: Become the Martha Stewart of the egg-freezing party circuit. There are many to come.

7 Tips for Your Next Egg-Freezing Party