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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Craft for Each Other

Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Aspiring wedding-cake figurines Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds craft for each other to honor special occasions. Though Lively has newly launched a nightmare-themed e-commerce site, she tells E! that they prefer gifts that can’t be purchased: “Normally, we make something for each other. Because that’s something that lasts and isn’t something you just found and bought in a store.

They can always craft something inspired by the inspirational website, though. For example, do you know what you can’t find in a store, but will last forever? A collage of Stephen King passages affixed onto a dismantled grave-marker by mud and the ill wishes of a fortune teller. That would be so thoughtful. Blake would really like that.

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Craft for Each Other