Courtney Love and Jenna Lyons Are Very Different People

Photo: BFA

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where Courtney Love ends and Jenna Lyons begins. One pioneered the self-described “kinderwhore” aesthetic; one popularized oversize owlish glasses. One sits down at a flea-market-sourced rolltop desk to pen old-fashioned missives to fans of her designs, while the other releases trippy animated videos starring anthropomorphized pasta. Two peas in a pod, they are! But, as it turns out, Lyons and Love have very different opinions on topics like dog-themed magazines, $450 pitchers, and Beats by Dre headphones. T magazine’s delightful Take Two feature — which has previously pitted George Takei against Tracey Emin and Alejandro Jodorowsky against Kelis — aggregates product reviews by the two tastemakers, who couldn’t be more alike.

One is disappointed by a set of Diana Vreeland–inspired fragrances, saying, “I thought they were going to be more provocative,” while the other found them to be provocative enough: “Smells like a bad hooker. Canine biannual Four & Sons elicits delight from both, with one saying, “My secret vice is animals on Instagram. When I’m having a bad day, I’ll go on it and look at puppies,” while the other exclaims, “I want a borzoi, like the fabulous women in the diamonds — like Josephine Baker. I’m fabulous! I’m single! I’m a diva! A borzoi!” (Were these answers … dictated?)

Perhaps most divisive is a pitcher bearing a Kara Walker design. Love says, “It’s beautifully rendered, but I think for white people to own it would be kind of tacky. I just think it’s politically incorrect, and knowing that I’m politically correct is important to me.” Says Lyons, “I actually have one of these. I use it to water the plants. It’s gorgeous.

Courtney Love and Jenna Lyons Are Very Different