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Daniel Radcliffe Declined to Wear a Plastic G-String

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

In an interview with E!, courteous gentleman Daniel Radcliffe called his skinny-dipping escapade with Zoe Kazan in their new rom-com, What If, the “nicest nude scene” he’s ever done. “And that is quite a substantial list at this point,” the scruffy starlet added, alluding to his Equus days. The seasoned stripper also offered some musings on modesty patches: “As a man, you get offered a G-string kind of thing. It feels a lot more weird than being naked in front of a lot of people, wearing a weird plastic G-string.” Presumably, Radcliffe declined to wear the contraption. It’s a respectable, dignified stance, if less spirited than Kazan’s approach, which she claims involved writing “hi Dan” on a pair of pasties — which, to be fair, is a somewhat tired trick.

Daniel Radcliffe Did Not Wear a Plastic G-String