Eat, Drink, and Stay Youthful

Transcendent Beauty – SK-II Series on Lifestyle & Skincare
SK-II’s miracle ingredient, Pitera™, was discovered after noticing how remarkably soft aged sake brewers’ hands were, in contrast to their wrinkled faces. Scientists discovered that a mix of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids in the brew triggered skin’s natural rejuvenation process. SK-II believes in the link between a healthful lifestyle and healthful skin. In part 1 of a series that delves into the connection between a balanced life and balanced skin, we explore how a healthy lifestyle affects your outer beauty.

There are many philosophical reasons why Denise Mari, founder of the juicing mini-empire Organic Avenue, became vegetarian and then vegan. “You gain a conscious life,” she says. “The most rewarding benefit has been the higher level of guidance and purpose in my life.”

But Mari, who holds a degree in human nutrition, is just as equipped to discuss the physically transformative benefits of giving up meat, which some studies claim can minimize wrinkles. In a continued effort to nourish both your inner health along with your skin, we asked Mari to detail what one gains from letting go of animal products.

According to a Gallup Poll in 2012, five percent of Americans considered themselves vegetarians. “I stopped eating fish at age 8, became full vegetarian at 18, and vegan at 23,” says Mari. “I now eat my fare share of cooked vegan, plant-based foods yet always strive to add more raw, and keep up with periods of juice-cleansing.”

The promise of disease and early death made by following a standard American diet has become very clear,” explains Mari. “I think a healthy lifestyle including a pure plant-based diet is appealing to common sense and is being backed up by science everyday. So it’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny its place at the table. Most diseases—diabetes type II, heart disease, obesity, cancers—can all be linked to a poor or standard American diet.”

Source: Vegetarian Research Group, Vegetarian Times, Harris Interactive Service Bureau, 2010

By switching to a vegetarian diet, Mari says, “You gain life, a conscious life.” More specifically, giving up animal products yields positive gains, such as “the emotional benefits of better mood along with more sustainable energy”—best of all, she adds, “clear skin.”

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A healthy lifestyle incorporates an all-natural beauty regimen. Mari focuses on skincare that targets her skin’s fundamental health. In a similar way, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, in enhancing the skin’s natural renewal cycle, is the foundation for a radiant complexion.