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Everybody Likes You When You’re 29

Photo: John Howard/Getty Images

At 29 years old, humans are likely to have an average of 80 friends, which is about 30 percent more friends than the average held by other age groups (64 friends). That means 29 is the most popular age of all.

This information comes from a survey of just over 1,500 British people, which was conducted (inexplicably) by a group called Genius Gluten Free. The survey reveals that at 29, people still keep connections with school friends, while also having several years to develop work friendships.

And 29-year-olds are totally desired friends. They’re just a little wise, just a little youthful, just a little hip, just a little centered. They’re still free to hang out, but unlikely to be a truly bad influence. A 29-year-old is just this great person to have in your life for this, the year that they are cool. And then you can ditch for the next batch of 29-year-olds. Each year is sure to bring a steady supply; that’s how years work. 

Everybody Likes You When You’re 29