Face Chains, Beaded Masks, and Wild Prints at the Afropunk Festival

Photo: Rebecca Smeyne

Over the weekend, the tenth annual Afropunk music festival returned to Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park, making for two days of spirited revelry and very inspired festivalwear. The Cut sent photographer Rebecca Smeyne to capture the scene — a far cry from the wash of nondescript crop tops and jorts that dominated this summer’s other musical events.

In lieu of flower crowns, attendees sported a range of envy-inducing updos, including the occasional hair wrap and even a blue-tinged beard. Festivalgoers chose bright, boldly patterned prints and accessorized with big, dangly jewelry, as well as face chains, septum rings, and a full set of gold grills. Other styles on display ranged from a purple nylon Windbreaker set to a King Tut–themed V-neck to a face-obscuring bedazzled ski mask, à la Maison Martin Margiela. Click through the slideshow to see these and more highlights from this weekend’s festivities.

Face Chains and Wild Prints at the Afropunk Fest