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Introducing the Facekini: Summer’s Most Terrifying Accessory

Photo: Alexandra Utzmann, CR Fashion Book

Now that the V. Stiviano visor fervor has waned, we can all turn our attention to the facekini, a piece of sun-protective gear that is popular in China, but is as yet unclaimed by the fashion world. However, in a CR Fashion Book shoot, the nylon mask got its moment in the, well, sun, paired with swimsuits by Alexander Wang and Armani for a haute Spring Breakers feeling. “These beautiful eyes are peering from behind a mask — still enjoying summer, but avoiding a summer glow at all costs,” reads one caption, according to a report in The Independent. We don’t even want to imagine the tan that’s going to result from wearing a facekini with a plunging maillot.

The Facekini: Summer’s Most Terrifying Accessory