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Gareth Pugh Is Doing Something Crazy for New York Fashion Week

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /BFAnyc.com/BFA NYC

New York Fashion Week could definitely use some shaking up. So we were excited to learn that Gareth Pugh is making a temporary switchover from Paris Fashion Week to our shores for some kind of so craaazy, you guys! experiment. The New York Times reports that the wild-child designer has plans to “disrupt” (ugh) the week with … some kind of vague, never-specified boundary-pushing. Here’s what we do know: It will be expensive, costing “a hell of a lot more than our usual show would cost,” though he doesn’t yet know how much. It could take place at P.S. 57. It could involve the troupe Random Dance. It will be off-schedule, taking place on Sept. 4. And it will “make people think,” the designer promises. Added Pugh, “I know it’s a big risk. And I’m worried. But I think it’s good to light a fire under your bum every once in a while.” One thing’s for sure, though: When you announce your planned “disruption” on a slow-news Friday at the very beginning of August, it will get no small amount of traction.

Gareth Pugh Is Doing Something Crazy for NYFW