Get Big, Buff Face Muscles Like Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has obviously never met a muscle he didn’t want to develop. His latest endorsement deal is not with Nike, nor Adidas, nor even Gatorade. Nope, he’s now the handsome youthful face of a Japanese health-care product called Facial Fitness Pao, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Ronaldo shows us how it’s done by introducing a 30-second video of other people clutching a plastic blade between their teeth and wagging their heads like seals do with fish. Just think! With the easy-to-use Pao, you too could have big, buff smile muscles just like Ronaldo. See, his smile is already so youthful all he has to do is hold the Pao; no seal-wag required.

Get Buff Face Muscles Like Cristiano Ronaldo