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Hackers Game Tinder for Ultimate Gain

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It’s become common knowledge that seeking love on Tinder involves a “let’s see what sticks” method of swiping right on every potential match. And some especially tech-savvy people out there have discovered a way to optimize that method to the highest degree. Valleywag found this thread between hackers who’ve gamed Tinder to get all the dates possible. An example from user dx4100, creator of an auto-like hack:

Or just use this handy node package. I used it to auto like 22,000 people in LA, and went on dates for 9 days in a row. Let’s just say I’m a bit exhausted

The thread is called “Hacking Tinder for Fun and Profit,” so I guess it’s time to just accept that modern love is dead.

Hackers Game Tinder for Ultimate Gain