Stella McCartney Collaborated With the Internet’s New Favorite Artist

Stella McCartney has an eclectic group of friends, many of them outside fashion circles — you can tell just by the guest list at her annual resort presentation-cum-party. (Lorne Michaels, Jeff Koons, Marilyn Minter, and Jenny Lewis attended the last one.) Now McCartney has recruited a new pal, artist Petra Cortright — a Venice Biennale alum known for her subversive takes on internet art — for a series of video projects, the first of which is out today. McCartney told the Cut, “I was instantly struck by Petra’s work, her effortless cool-girl approach. She represents the next-generation Stella girl to me in every way. Her work is mind-blowingly cool and she is the real deal.” Watch Petra shape-shift while wearing a piece from the house’s pre-fall collection above.

The Internet’s Fave New Artist Takes on Fashion