Legal Weed Means Your Vagina Can Get High, Too

Photo: Shutterstock

Cosmopolitan is reporting live from the front lines of America’s marijuana-legalization movement. Will the medical-marijuana-laced lubricant popping up in California, Washington, and Colorado make their correspondent’s sex weird or fun?

Her answer is a little of both. Applying Foria before having sex (so the marijuana can be absorbed vaginally) is weird. But the sex itself is fun. She writes:

It hit me hard, in the absolutely most delicious way. I was super relaxed and also super ready to go due to the fact that I was feeling so damn good! This was a mellow high that felt like a warm and very sexual hug, which is also what I was doing at the moment.

All the chill bliss of nature’s Viagra, in other words, with none of the dry mouth.

Legal Weed Means Your Vagina Can Get High, Too