‘Fat’ Leo Has Been Bread-Shamed Into Submission

Photo: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Elle put a name to the dirty looks and faux congratulations women give other women when they reach for a dinner roll and other carbohydrates: bread-shaming. Today, this most first-world of social ills claims its first male victim: Leonardo DiCaprio. Star reports that Leo has sworn off carbohydrates in the hopes of losing ten pounds for fall, adhering to a growing trend of male stars being just like female stars, who are just like us, i.e., judged for the weight we put on this summer. “He has given up pasta,” says Star’s source, “and he loves pasta.” Other famous men who do not eat pasta or bread — upholding the carb stigma — include LeBron James and Novak Djokovic. (Djokovic is polite enough to blame gluten intolerance.) Even the most aggressively enjoyed summer has to end sometime.

Leonardo DiCaprio Has Been Bread-Shamed