Why Does the New York Times Magazine Cover Look Like a Tampon Ad?

Things the New York Times Magazine cover about rising tennis-star Eugenie Bouchard looks like:

A vintage young-adult novel about a plucky, flaxen-haired Yankee who charms her way to a Wimbledon wild card.

A sporty homage to Marilyn Monroe.

Rare archival footage of a Title IX PSA from the 1970s that got scrapped because it was deemed too sexist. 

A commercial for no-leak, active-gal tampons that is so subtle you don’t have to be embarrassed if it comes on while you’re watching television with a guy.

Things it does not look like:

The cover for an excellent magazine article about the mental toughness of a world-class tennis player in 2014.

N.Y. Times Magazine Cover Looks Like a Tampon Ad