Love Is an Energy Drink

As you drag yourself across the finish line of another long week, you might find you are a little low on energy. And if the coffee is doing nothing for you — and if you’re lucky enough to be in a happy, loving relationship — have we got a tip for you. It seems thinking of your partner could provide you with a boost of physical energy, like so many lightning bolts in the Kim Kardashian game

Sarah Stanton, a psychology graduate student at Western Ontario University, explains the results of her recently published work on the site Science of Relationships:

Love is associated with positive emotions and simply thinking about love can trigger stress responses (such as increases in cortisol) in the body, responses thought to result from arousal or passion. One intriguing thing that can happen when your body releases cortisol is that you get an accompanying rush of glucose (blood sugar) to give you extra energy. 


Love Is an Energy Drink