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Man Tries to Be Romantic, Disaster Ensues

Photo: Shutterstock

A man in Kent, England, wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a romantic homecoming gift. Thus, he pulled a standard Romance Your Lady 101 move: chilled some Champagne, scattered some petals, and arranged lit candles to spell out his beloved’s name.

According to the Daily Mail, when his girlfriend finally returned from her long trip abroad, she arrived not to a cold glass of Champers and night of passion, but to the fiery inferno that was once her apartment. Turns out lighting a ton of candles and placing them on a rug made of synthetic fiber results in a ton of uncontrollable flames, and not the kind that burn in your loins. Jana, the girlfriend of the accidental pyro, was still romanced— even though she is currently homeless.

A PSA: The road to hell (a.k.a. your burned-out home) is paved with cheesy romantic gestures cribbed from rom-coms.

Man Tries to Be Romantic, Disaster Ensues