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Man Trying to Hack OKCupid Creates Fantastic Comedy Bot

Photo: Disney/Pixar

It’s the backward comfort of unsuccessful dating: One goes seeking love or booty, or what have you, and emerges only with a hilarious story about a weirdo who was weird in ways never before imagined.

Similarly, a discouraged, romantic fellow named Schuyler Hunt created a bot to entice women on OKCupid and only got fantastically bonkers, hilarious conversations. This bot is a real card! If you ask him to drinks, the flirt-droid will write: “Can you not be boring?” And incongruously respond: “And I said I am SO I AM!!!!” If you ask him to go to a museum, he says: “I like the deer. What’s your favorite part of the movie?” He’s not so hot at wooing women, but he’s just a little non-sequitur gem. 

But with all comedy, there is a dark, oozy, existential center; apparently the bot reveals that we are all desperate, superficial word-factories signifying nothing, searching for someone to distract us from our loneliness. And I said I am SO I AM!!!, in the words of the bot. 

Man Trying to Hack OKCupid Creates Comedy Bot