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A Matte Lipstick Marker You Only Have to Apply Once

People like to hate on the Kardashian beauty line, but those people clearly haven’t tried their (unfortunately named) lipstick marker, the Joystick. Now, Lorac has formulated a better, less-embarrassing version with its Pro Matte Lip Color. The color payoff of these is great, the kind of great that makes you want to write it out like greeeeaattttt (the beauty version of typing like thisss). The colors are rich and satisfying, and go on the lips without any sort of tug. The color glides on slickly without a sense of oiliness and the wide, sharpened tip makes it easy to color inside the lip lines.

A lot of lipsticks are long-wear but become instantly defeated through soups or other liquids. These colors on this marker stood up through a lunchtime wonton-soup order, lasting for hours afterward (but remember to pat, not rub). The only drawback is that despite the mixture of Vitamin, C, Vitamin E, and antioxidants in the formula, it’s not as moisturizing as it could be.

Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color, $16 at

A Matte Lipstick Marker You Apply Once