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Miley Cyrus Thinks Her Look-alike Is Too Cute

Photo: Michael Zorn/Getty Images

What happens when you meet your doppelgänger? Is it a barometer of your levels of self-love? Here’s what happens when Miley Cyrus met her semi-professional look-alike Jessica Villafane, Lisa Gutierrez writes at the Kansas City Star:

While singing “Jolene,” Cyrus noticed Villafane in the crowd and “she did like a triple take,” said the teen. “She was like, ‘What?’ She pointed to me in complete awe and then I pointed back to her … kind of like a mirror reflection. “Her jaw just dropped and she said, ‘You look exactly like me.’” Cyrus was effusive with her praise from the stage, telling her doppelganger that “you’re the cutest thing.”

Here’s hoping everyone thinks that their look-alikes are also just the most adorable things they ever did see.

Miley Cyrus Thinks Her Look-alike Is Too Cute