Mischa Barton Takes a Long Drag on Her E-cig, Thinks About the Past

The start of every new job is a chance to wonder about past employment and ask: What was that thing I was doing for so long before I did this thing, this new thing that seems so right for me? That is the juncture that Ms. Mischa Barton has arrived upon.

Barton, congratulations by the way, has just received gainful employment as a promoter for tiny nicotine wands. She is also feeling worldly and jaded about her bygone days. In light of this recent employment, Barton says she would “probably not” film The O.C. again, if she could go back. She tells Metro:

People say be grateful for what you have but it [is] certainly not the kind of thing I was expecting it to be … I’ve kind of seen it all.

It’s this attitude that will help her sell hard-boiled sophistication for VAPESTICK e-cigarettes, as a femme fatale with an inconsequential secret. She just takes a deep drag from a little mechanized stick and thinks about how she’s seen all of life, and it’s really kind of a drag, too, don’t you agree?

Mischa Barton Is Selling Tiny Nicotine Wands