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Most of You Are Sexting During Work

Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/Corbis

One might assume that sexting would peak somewhere around the witching hour: after the sun sets, when the moon is high, and people feel freaky enough to express weird things that they want to do around each other. (Or to dance around a cauldron. Or both.)

Well, one would be wrong, because according to a recent poll by computer-tracking software company Retina-X Studios, the peak sext hours are between 10 a.m and noon on Tuesday mornings.

Really? Tuesday morning? What’s the point? Why not Wednesday (for obvious Hump Day jokes) or Sunday afternoon, when the sexting is easy, since you’re already spending the day in bed anyway. But, more important: This probably means that at least one person at your Tuesday morning meeting is sending an NSFW text under the conference-room table.

Most of You Are Sexting During Work