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And Now, a Pop Song About Tinder

There have been Kesha parodies and sketch comedy, but what we have here appears to be the internet’s first true love song written about Tinder: “Swipe” by the Miracles of Modern Science, featuring female vocals from Kristin Slipp, and debuting online today. The music video shows the female heroine dismissing a series of dorky men, until she comes across one fit for duet. Excerpt:

I’ve worked my tender finger to the bone
I’ve used up all the data on my phone

[Kristin & Evan:]
Please, can we just meet? 
This heart is hungry
Soon enough I gotta let it eat

Oh baby baby please, just name the street 
You look so lovely
And I’m running out of battery

Are you still around? Did you change your mind?
Should I move along to the next in line?

And Now, a Pop Song About Tinder