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Olivia Wilde’s Infant Son Did in Fact Pee During That Glamour Shoot

Photo: Glamour

Of all the questions surrounding Olivia Wilde’s breast-feeding photo shoot in Glamour, “why is baby Otis naked?” is still the most perplexing. Sure, fashion loves to use a plump tushie as a chic accessory, but have we learned nothing from North West? Lack of bladder control + lack of Pampers = potential damage of fancy clothes. And, lo and behold, Olivia Wilde tweeted her support of the shoot with a little update on what young Otis was up to on set:

That’s right, little Otis peed all over that Roberto Cavalli dress as if to say: It is ridiculous that I am here. Where is my diaper? Serves you right.

Olivia Wilde’s Infant Actually Peed During Shoot