Pregnancy-Faking Panda Is a Role Model to Us All

Photo: Hanquan Chen/Getty Images

Ai Hin the giant panda could have been the first giant panda to give birth on live television. Unfortunately, it turns out Ai Hin is actually a giant lying panda. Though her body displayed all the physiological and mental markers of pregnancy, she is just a total faker. Brilliant.

Since giant pandas are on the brink of extinction, pregnant pandas at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre receive extra special care to ensure their health and happiness. The Daily Mail reports that some pandas actually feign pregnancy to get the sweet, sweet perks of being a savior of the species. Panda moms-to-be get 24-hour attention; a surplus of delicious buns, fruits, and bamboo treats; their own room; and air-conditioning. Cha-ching!

Who doesn’t love extra treats, air-conditioning, and lots of attention? Every time a summer camper feigns a sore throat for ice cream, or a commuter accepts a seat after someone mistakenly thinks they’re “with child,” they should salute this giant panda, a role model to us all.  

Pregnancy-Faking Panda Is a Role Model to Us All