Riccardo Tisci Had a Way Better Weekend Than We Did

Photo: courtesy photo

Hey! What’d you get up to this weekend? Did you board an EasyJet to the land of perpetual 2004, dress up in your finest “subversive” formalwear, and dance the night away in honor of Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday with Kimye, Kendall, and Bieber? No? We didn’t either. Everything is sad.

At the very least, those who did attend the Givenchy designer’s 40th — which took place in Ibiza this weekend (his actual birthday is August 8) — were sure to thoroughly Instagram the summer’s most FOMO-inducing eventHere’s a little scrapbook of the party you weren’t invited to, but if you turn on the shower and squint while clicking through our slideshow, it’s just like you were there.

Riccardo Tisci Had a Way Better Weekend Than Us