V Has Coined a Term to Describe Kylie Jenner: ‘Calabasian’

Photo: CHAD PITMAN/V Magazine

In the first recorded instance of the term, the word “Calabasian” was used to describe Kylie Jenner, who’s featured in the latest issue of V. In fact, the junior Jenner “might be more Calabasian than any of her sisters, having spent most of her lucid life in syndication.” She’s also referred to as a “social media supernova,” a “black sheep,” “caught in the shadow of her more famous kin,” and the polar opposite of their “irrepressibly femme, tufted McMansion energy.” Though, don’t get it twisted, she is still imbued with “her own distinctive sparkle.” She is “staring … into her own Ghost World.” But nothing tops the way the magazine describes her Y.A. novel — you know, the one we read so you didn’t have to.

By all online accounts, it’s about friendship and dystopian class disparity, a mash-up of William Gibson steampunk meets one-child policy China meets techno paradise floating over a terrestrial garbage can, à la Elysium.

We are speechless. Is this author available for term papers?

V Coined ‘Calabasian’ to Describe Kylie Jenner