What If Sexism Is Actually Great?

Photo: NY Post

We were wrong about street sexual harassment. It is not, as we have written, man’s sad, nonspecific attempt to assert his dominance, show off for his bros, or get us to look up from our phones. According to New York Post writer Doree Lewak, a catcall is a compliment: a due appraisal of her physical worth, and a rare opportunity to hear a man’s opinion. Lewak explains: “It’s not brain science — when a total stranger notices you, it’s validating.” But especially a male stranger.

Lewak’s column got us thinking: What other feminist bêtes noires have we been majorly wrong about? Herewith, a rosier take on some of the Cut’s past subjects.

Hey, Ladies — the Wage Gap Is Motivational
I do deserve a rich husband.

Hey, Ladies — the Glass Ceiling Is a Huge Relief
Stress makes me break out.

Hey, Ladies — Diets Are Personally Enriching
Your grueling cleanse is an easy icebreaker.

Hey, Ladies — Ageism Is Obsolete
Thanks to Pilates, Botox, and Esquire, you may now receive catcalls into your 40s.

Hey, Ladies — Computer Science Is Boring, Anyway
Math, too.

Hey, Ladies — Long Bathroom Lines Are an Opportunity
Catch up on email, do some Kegels, treat yourself to a little Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Hey, Ladies — the Second Shift Is an Honor and a Privilege
To have it all, you have to do it all yourself.

Hey, Ladies — Sexual Assault Is Hot
He can’t control himself around me.

We regret the errors.

What If Sexism Is Actually Great?