getting swoll in crow pose

Yoga for Swoll Hunks

Photo: Ozimician/Getty Images

Yoga: not just for the lithe and dancerly. Yoga: also for hulking, flexing, wrestling bros. Alex French for the New York Times reports about the dawn of “the rise of beefcake yoga.” It is a tale filled with fantastic characters like two former WWE stars, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page.

Page has developed a particular yoga school, without “all of that Namaste [expletive].”

Here’s what’s involved in beefcake yoga, should you choose to accept the challenge: The high lunge will be referred to as the “space shuttle.” The standing bow pose will be called the “hood ornament.” Page will shout Henry Ford quotes at you and also question Henry Ford’s accomplishments. Classic rock will play. Your fellow classmate might wear a Batman T-shirt with faux abs screen-printed on it. And if you stretch enough, like really pose hard into that pose, Page might holler: “Solid, bro. Solid.”

Yoga for Swoll Hunks