Zero-Calorie Soda Mogul Asks You to Manage Expectations

Photo: Shutterstock

The CEO of zero-calorie soda company Zevia is not going to lie to you about trade-offs. Zevia — the only soda brand in the top 20 in the U.S. market not owned by either Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group — might be a little bitter, but the people don’t care. CEO Paddy Spence spoke to Business Insider about the tastes:

Anything that provides functional benefit is an acquired taste … [P]eople are looking for either a full calorie soda that is going to optimize taste or they’re looking for a zero-calorie product.

Consumers have a choice: downing gulpable nectar of the corn-syrup gods or knowing that their bitter puckers look good with skinny cheekbones. This is our world and these are our sacrifices.

Zero-Cal Soda Mogul Says to Manage Expectations