Alex Prager Did a Disembodied-Heads Fashion Shoot

Photo: Alex Prager

Alex Prager’s work is more likely to show up in a gallery than a glossy, but Garage magazine managed to enlist the photographer for its seventh issue, out Thursday. Titled “Modern Living,” the editorial features actress Julia Garner and has a bit of a Surrealist feel to it — complete with errant body parts. Said fashion editor Katie Lyall, “We’ve long wanted to work with Alex Prager; she has that very specific cinematic feel to her photographs that border on the surreal. Her background is not particularly based within fashion [though she does make fashion images], and this was an interesting juxtaposition for us to work with, an art photographer undertaking, essentially, a very fashion-based shoot.” Click through the slideshow to see more from the portfolio.

Alex Prager Did a Disembodied-Heads Portfolio